Billy Joel is my one and only true hero.

My name is Mike Smith, I am a designer living in New Jersey and working in NYC. To start this bio off on the right foot here's a video of me knocking my teeth out. I got into design through skateboarding and gig posters. I wanted nothing more than to make posters all day every day. Then I discovered "branding" which I liked much more than just making posters. Now I work for an awesome place called charity: water.

This is just a super bare bones version of my portfolio. If you're interested in reading more about my process or the concept of a certain piece or links to Kevin Hart videos head on over to my blog. I'm always interested in working on new and exciting projects so feel free to send me and email if you'd like to work together. Or if you want to go on a hike or something. I'd actually rather do that. So send me an email if you're interested in going on a hike.

Here's where you can keep up to date with some of my projects or listen to me complain about the weather: